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We have a new ORDER FORM!!!  Oh happy, happy day! 

Important News: 

We haven't raised our prices from 2021, in an effort to help people cope with these trying times.  However, our processors and shippers have increased their prices, so that will be reflected in your final total.  Our Herdshare members came through for us last fall after the terrible accident we had, and we appreciate you all so much.  We hope to make up for our increased costs by increased sales, and new packages and options (sausage, different types of cured meats, bacon, etc).  We'd really love it if people could continue to pick a few "Add-Ons" to go along with their orders.  That has been working really well, and we thank you.

Another idea that may appeal to some is the option to add or substitute various types of gluten-free sausage which we will exchange for some of your ground beef or pork, or add to the cost of your order if you want all your ground.  There'd be no additional charge, beyond the costs that we pay to the processor.  More on those costs can be found here.

As always, our thoughts and best wishes for health and wellness go out to everyone in this unprecedented, transformative time. 

We are here to provide families with nutrient-dense proteins that fit their unique situation, and will do our utmost to meet the growing demand for beef, porklamb, and chicken.  

Grass-Finished Beef:  Quarters, halves, wholes available now, already cut and wrapped. 

We recommend that people place their deposits by May 2022, so that we can plan our butchering, shipping, and delivery schedule.  We have beef steers ready to butcher late January into March, and processing dates are booked.  There is about a four week turnaround for beef, which helps people to organize their budget.  

Lamb:  We have a few cut and wrapped in the freezer ready to go, as Wholes, Halves, and Lamb Boxes (12 lb).  And we are taking deposits for 2022 lambs available starting in late May.   

Pork:  Halves and quarters already cut and wrapped available now.  We have Variety packs available  Large Pork boxes (30lb), mixed pork and beef boxes (25 and 40lb), and are taking deposits for whole, half pork available March-April 2022.  We have ground pork available, 1.5 lb packages.  We also have smoked loin chops, bacon, ham, gluten-free pork sausage available as Add-Ons to other orders.

Sausages (all gluten-free):  smoked Mennonite, Whiskey Maple, two kinds of pork breakfast sausage, beef breakfast sausage, smokies, bratwurst.

Cured meats:  ham, bacon, back bacon, whole hocks, sliced hocks, jowls, smoked loin chops.

Please stay healthy and well-nourished, everyone.