UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!  More details to come.

Introductory Membership:  Please use this option for your first order so that we can work out details for shipping costs, processing costs (if any).  Then when you switch or upgrade your Herdshare, we will have shipping costs, etc, all worked out.  These will be added to your future invoices when you switch to a regular membership.

Cancellations/Upgrades:  30 days notice is required for cancellations. Please give 14 days notice for upgrades.  Upgrades are contingent upon availability.

Substitutions:  When making Variety Packs, we reserve the right to substitute for some items if stock runs short.  Price will be adjusted accordingly.

Adjustments:  Any fee adjustments such as for overages on shipping costs will be applied to the following invoice.

Payment:  We will send you an invoice monthly.  Payment can be made via PayPal, or etransfer ksfarm.herdshare@gmail.com.  Payment is due 7 days prior to shipping/delivery day so that we can finalize total shipment weight with the trucking company.

Shipping costs:  We recommend that people order as a group so as to reduce shipping charges.  Everyone's boxes will be clearly labelled.  The more weight in the order, the lower the relative shipping charge will be.

Facebook groups/group texts/group emails:  We have created private FB groups unique to each town/area to maximize coordination and efficiencies.  Please join the appropriate one to stay informed of shipping dates, special offers, etc.  Links are here.

Labelling:  Each order will have a separate Bill of Lading, with a unique shipping number, and a description of how your boxes are labelled and how many there are.  We use different coloured labels for each order.

Shipping Schedules:  Please note that we are aiming to ship orders out at least once per month.  Occasionally there may be a delay due to weather affecting processing dates, statuatory holidays which affect trucking companies, etc.  

Delivery Schedule:  Dawson every Saturday afternoon.  Grande Prairie usually mid-week.  All other locations as needed, usually once per month.

Privacy policy:  We do not sell or share your information with anyone, ever.