We are here to provide families with nutrient-dense proteins that fit their unique situation, and will do our utmost to meet the growing demand for beef, pork, and lamb.  

Lamb:  We have lamb available, already cut and wrapped as wholes, halves, and Lamb Boxes (12lb).

We are experiencing a very high volume of orders, and wish to avoid unexpected shortages.  We recommend that people place their deposits early, so that we can plan our butchering, shipping, and delivery schedule.  We have lambs ready for processing monthly starting mid-May 2022.  

It's therefore very important to place your orders early so that we can plan our finishing schedule and arrange for slaughter space.

Chickens:  We have free-range pastured broilers available mid-September.  These will be sold as whole frozen birds, approximate weights 8-12 pounds.

Please stay well, everyone.

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Pasture-Raised Lamb

Our lambs are born between January and June.  Our ewes spend their time on pasture except during winter lambing time.  A mother sheep is brought into the barn when she lambs and kept there for a short time until her lambs are dried off and strong enough to go back into the flock.  Lambs that aren't sold stay with their mothers throughout the summer and are rotationally grazed with the rest of the flock.

Frozen Bulk Lamb (Halves and Wholes, cut and wrapped)

 We can supply lamb, fresh or frozen, and also frozen boxed lamb, from May through November.  Dressed weight will be 40-55lbs.

Lamb Boxes, $125:

These will have a nice mix of loin chops, ribs, leg roasts, stew, and shank (if available).  Approximate weight will be 12 pounds.

We are able to arrange shipping throughout BC, Alberta, and NWT.  Overnight delivery to most Alberta locations.

Price for half a lamb is $8.75/lb dressed weight, plus processing costs ($25).   A whole lamb is $8.50/lb, plus processing costs ($50).

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