What's in a package?

We finally have beef on hand to make up Regular and Deluxe Pasture Packs again!!  We never seem to have enough steaks meet demand, and the ribeye roasts are even harder to keep in stock.  Contact us soon to reserve yours! 

****Overstock special (Limited availability) $165:

  • 10lb Roasts (One each of the following: boneless blade, cross-rib, round),
  • 10lb Ground Beef, 1.5lb packages.  Please specify medium or lean.

Pasture Packs

A Pasture Pack is basically like buying a tiny steer that, and will easily fit into a small freezer or into the freezer compartment of a fridge.  That way your family can enjoy nearly all the cuts of meat that come with a side of beef.  Note actual weight of each item may vary slightly from what is described below, but overall weight of package will be at least what is listed, and usually ends up being more.

46 lb Pasture Pack (Limited availability), $375:

Option 1:

  •          10 lb Steak, 2/package, 1" thick. (Club/New York, rib steak, sirloin, round. Usually there are 2 packages of each type. Tenderloin if available) 
  •          12 lb Roast (Usually 3lb roasts: Sirloin tip, boneless blade, cross-rib)
  •          2 smaller packages Short Ribs, or one large package
  •          1 package Stew Meat/Shank 
  •          9 lb Ground Beef (approximately 8-12lbs)
  •          10lb Meaty Soup bones (5lb bags)

Option 2:

  • Same as above, except 5lb ground beef instead of soupbones.  Please specify lean or medium ground beef.

Small Pasture Pack (approximately 25 lbs):  $210

  • Steak and ground beef, 5lb of each
  • 10lb total of roast (usually boneless Blade and a small Eye of Round), ribs, and stew meat.
  • Specify Option 1: 5lb Soupbones; or Option 2: extra ground beef (medium or lean)

Deluxe Pasture Pack,$425:  A small Ribeye roast, and 4 Club/Wing steaks, plus everything in regular Pasture Pack.  Limited Quantities!

Please specify Option 1 or 2

Small Mixed Beef/Pork Box (25lb):

  • Pre-order, available again November 2020
  • Steak, lean ground beef, roast, 15lb.  
  • Pork roast, chops, ribs (if available) or ground pork, 10lb 

Large 40lb Beef/Pork Box, $345:

  • Pre-order, available again November 2020
  • A Half Pasture Pack, (Please specify Option 1 or 2, and lean or medium ground)
  • 15-17lb of Pork (roasts, chops, ham and bacon) Can include ground pork also.

Important:  Herdshare members go here for your pricing.

***Deposits on all Pasture Packs are $50.  A deposit helps us plan how many sides of beef to bring home to make up orders for boxes.

  25lb Lean Ground Beef Pack, $185 (Regular $195)

  • Pre-order, available late September
  •  Lean Ground Beef, 1.5 lb packages
  • Available by Pre-Order only.  $50 deposit.