We have butcher pigs ready to go in late March (wholes, large or small) cut and wrapped to your specifications.

We have pork available in our Mixed Beef/Pork Boxes (25 and 40 lb), and also we have ground pork available (1.5 lb packages).

There will be more pigs ready in the summer and fall.

Please stay well, everyone.

Pastured Pork

Our Pastured Pork is absolutely delicious.  It is a deep red, more like beef, and is flavourful and juicy. 

Our pigs are never, ever fed commercial hog rations or soy.  They are not fed or treated with any chemicals or vaccines.    During the summer they are fed sprouted whole grain, peas, and are rotationally grazed on good quality pasture.  During the winter they receive whole grain and high quality hay.  We let them grow slowly instead of feeding them for maximum growth.  They live a jolly life, rooting, digging, playing, and (of course) eating to their little piggy hearts' content!  Their very favourite pastime is escaping from their living quarters so that they can watch us reinforce the fence; then they have a new puzzle to think out so as to manage their next escape.

Whole or Half Pig:   

  • We are taking orders for pigs that will be butchered late March through December.  Quantities are limited, so please order early.  $5.65/lb cut and wrapped.  $100 slaughter fee.  Deposit required.
  • We have sides of pork available that are already processed. 

To order pork, please use this form.  You are welcome to text 780-864-9218 if you prefer.

For questions or information, please contact us.