We have two butcher pigs available (wholes or halves)   We have pork available in our Mixed Beef/Pork 25lb boxes (2 available), and also we have ground pork available (1lb packages). 

Please stay well, everyone.

Pastured Pork

Our Pastured Pork is absolutely delicious.  It is a deep red, more like beef, and is flavourful and juicy. 

Our pigs are never, ever fed commercial hog rations or soy.  They are not fed or treated with any chemicals or vaccines.    During the summer they are fed sprouted whole grain, peas, and are rotationally grazed on good quality pasture.  During the winter they receive whole grain and high quality hay.  We let them grow slowly instead of feeding them for maximum growth.  They live a jolly life, rooting, digging, playing, and (of course) eating to their little piggy hearts' content!

Whole or Half Pig: 
  • We are taking orders for pigs that will be butchered late October.  Quantities are limited, so please order early.  $4.95/lb cut and wrapped.  Deposit required.


KS Farm Online Store

When placing an online order, please provide a contact number.  Credit card payments will have a 3% fee to cover PayPal fee.

We also accept eTransfer to ksfarm8888@gmail.com

Deposit for Pasture-raised Free-Range Pork, half
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Our pigs are grown in spacious conditions with continuous access to green, growing forage. They live happy lives and are able to express their natural tendencies.... We also feed them milk when it is available, as well as a limited grain ration which consists of sprouted barley, oats, and peas. A side of pork will weigh approximately 80 pounds, and we are here to walk you through the cutting options.

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