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KS Farm Variety Packages:

  • Bulk Lean Ground Beef Pack Special! (1.5lb packages) 25 lbs
  • Mixed Beef (15lb) and Pork (10lb) boxes
  • Pasture Pack (45lb)
  • Half Pasture Pack (25lb)
  • Deluxe Pasture Pack

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Bulk Beef Packages:

  • Side of Beef, cut and wrapped 
  • Whole Beef, cut and wrapped 

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Smaller Bulk Packages:

  • Mini-Side (A quarter with cuts from front and hind)
  • (NEW!) Sixth of a Beef (Available)

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  • Whole Lamb, cut and wrapped 
  • Half Lamb, cut and wrapped

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  • Whole Pork, cut and wrapped (available late 2020)
  • Half Pork, cut and wrapped (Available late 2020)

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About Our Beef

NO Chemicals, Hormones, Antibiotics, GMO Feed, Grain, Silage, or Vaccines.  All forage (pasture and hay) that our animals eat is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Welsh Black Beef is simply superb.  It is flavorful, very tender, and juicy.  Because our cattle are never, ever fed grain, the beef has many health benefits not found in regular grain-finished meat. Compared to feedlot beef, beef from grass-fed animals is leaner, and has much higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Vitamin E.  Our beef is dry-aged in a government-inspected facility for 17-21 days before being cut and wrapped.

Recommendations for Ordering and Deposits

We are here to provide families with nutrient-dense proteins that fit their unique situation, and will do our utmost to meet the growing demand for beef, pork, and lamb.  Please be aware that in order to plan our butchering and delivery schedule we will now require a deposit on all orders including Pasture Packs and Bulk Ground Beef

Grass-Finished Beef:  We are experiencing a high volume of orders, and wish to avoid unexpected shortages.  We recommend that people place their deposits early, so that we can plan our butchering, shipping, and delivery schedule.  We have beef animals ready to butcher monthly starting mid-June 2020.  There is a four week turnaround for beef, which helps people to organize their budget. 

Lamb:  It's therefore very important to place your orders early so that we can plan our finishing schedule and arrange for slaughter space.Pork:  We have mixed pork and beef boxes available, and are taking deposits for a couple of sides of pork available late fall.  We also have ground pork available, 1lb packages.

Deposits can be made through our store, here, or via Etransfer to ksfarm.orders@gmail.comPlease be sure to include all of your contact information, including town and phone number, as well as details about what you are ordering.

Please stay well, everyone.