Welsh Black Cattle

Welsh Black cattle are a very old British Breed known for their ability to convert poor quality forage into excellent meat and milk.  They are a dual-purpose breed, but in North America they have been used in beef programs to improve the quality of commercial herds.  We started out with Welsh Black bulls to breed our commercial cows, and through a bit of serendipity, quickly found ourselves with over 50 head of Fullblood Welsh Blacks, mostly registered.

We raise our cattle exclusively on pasture and hay.  Calves are born on pasture in April and May, and are left with their mothers until February or March of the following year.  Cattle are rotationally grazed, and are moved twice per week to new pasture.  Even with the drought we experienced for the past few years, we are seeing the quality of our soils and pasture stands improve using this method.

We have found the Welsh Blacks to be a pleasure to work with.  They are exceptionally docile and easy to manage, and they are excellent producers and mothers.  These cattle have a tremendous deep, long frame.  They have the largest ribeye area of any breed.  Their double haircoat allows them to thrive in the coldest conditions, and they require about 30% less feed than breeds with less hair.  During the summer they are slick and shiny.

Welsh Blacks perform exceptionally well in cross-breeding programs; calves have excellent growth rates, frame quality, and hardiness. 

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