At KS Farm, we strive to live ethically while providing quality food for others who are seeking it. We began looking for an alternative to factory farmed and processed food prior to the birth of our children in 2007.  Some friends introduced us to the Weston A. Price Foundation and William Albrecht's principles of soil fertility.  We milk cows and sheep, have laying hens, ducks, and grow or raise as much of our own food as possible.  We are excited and deeply inspired by the possibilities that exist around Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Management, and Permaculture Design; we have dedicated considerable time and expense toward furthering our knowledge and capabilities, and expect to do so long into the future.

KS Farm sells home-raised Natural Grass-Finished Welsh Black Beef to discerning customers who want to know where their food comes from and how it was raised. 

We use absolutely no Hormones, Chemicals, Antibiotics, Growth Stimulants, GMO Feed, or Vaccines.  Our pastures are completely free of chemical pesticides, and fertilizer.

We raise Welsh Black Cattle, and are thrilled with their quiet, sensible dispositions, and the exceptional quality of beef they produce.  We have Welsh Black and WB/Angus breeding stock and replacement heifers, and low-birthweight, Welsh Black bulls available from our forage-based program.  We added East Friesian Dairy sheep and commercial Dorset sheep in 2011.  Our low-input pasture-based ewe flock has grown enormously and presently sits at about 300 head.  We are developing an Ile de France based flock that has some East Friesian influence for increased prolificacy and mothering ability.

Our animal handling and horse training is based on humane, non-resistance methods which recognize that each animal is a unique individual with thoughts, feelings, and opinions that need to be acknowledged and validated.  Our training/handling techniques seek to bring out an animal's willingness, innate intelligence, and their desire to cooperate with humans and each other.      

                                                "The best food we can grow...for our family and yours."