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KS Farm is a small family farm.  Our mission is to provide clean healthy home-raised Grassfed/Grass-Finished Welsh Black Beef, Pasture-Raised Lamb, Pork, and Chicken to discerning families who want to know where their food comes from and how it was raised.  Our animals spend their lives rotationally grazing lush, biodiverse pastures which mimics how they have evolved to eat.  Their grazing and hoof action stimulates the plant growth and soil biology to increase water retention and soil fertility. 
We are mindful of how our landscape and livestock stewardship builds connections between animals, soil, and the families who consume what our land produces.

We strive to live ethically while providing quality, nutrient-dense food for others who are seeking it. We began looking for an alternative to factory farmed and processed food prior to the birth of our children in 2007.  Some friends introduced us to the Weston A. Price Foundation and Holistic Management principles, which transformed our way of life and perspective.  We milk cows and sheep, have laying hens, ducks, and we grow, raise, or harvest from the wild as much of our own food as possible.  We are excited and deeply inspired by the possibilities that exist around Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Management, and Permaculture Design.

Since 2004, we have raised our animals without Hormones, Chemicals, Antibiotics, Growth Stimulants, GMO Feed, or Vaccines.  Our beyond organic pastures and hay fields are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.e

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Delivery available throughout Alberta and the NWT

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