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KS Farm sells home-raised Natural Grass-Finished Welsh Black Beef, Pasture-Raised Lamb, and Pastured Pork to discerning customers who want to know where their food comes from and how it was raised.  Our animals are raised in a manner which mimics how they have evolved to eat, while at the same time stimulating the soil and plant biology to heal the water and mineral cycles, which means our land will support healthy, vibrant families for generations to come.
We strive to live ethically while providing quality, nutrient-dense food for others who are seeking it. We began looking for an alternative to factory farmed and processed food prior to the birth of our children in 2007.  Some friends introduced us to the Weston A. Price Foundation and Holistic Management principles, which transformed our way of life and perspective.  We milk cows and sheep, have laying hens, ducks, and grow, raise, or harvest from the wild, as much of our own food as possible.  We are excited and deeply inspired by the possibilities that exist around Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Management, and Permaculture Design.

We use absolutely no Hormones, Chemicals, Antibiotics, Growth Stimulants, GMO Feed, or Vaccines.
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****We are setting up our online store, but plan to take deposits through it because the actual weight of each animal varies to some degree, and final price will be known once the animal is hanging on the rail at the processor's.  At this point, Interac eTransfer is the best way to put down a deposit or pay for your order, rather than Paypal.
Click on the Pasture-Raised Lamb or the Natural Beef for price per pound.

                               "The best food we can grow...for our family and yours." 
Side of Beef, deposit
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A side of our 100% Grass-Finished Welsh Black beef, cut and wrapped to your specifications. Weight will be 275-325lbs (hanging carcass weight). We are here to walk you through the process and offer advice/recommendations for types of cut and recipes for your beef.

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Pasture Pack, 25lb
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A Pasture Pack will be approximately 25lbs of assorted cuts of steak (tenderloin, sirloin, striploin, and rib-eye), 1-2 roasts, and 8 pounds of ground beef. This amount of meat easily fits into the freezer of most refrigerators.

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Pasture-Raised Lamb  (half), deposit
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Our lambs are grown and finished on high quality, diverse pastures, and are raised with their mothers and the rest of the flock until they reach butcher weight. The result is an exceptional.....A side of our pasture-raised lamb will weigh 23-33lbs. Please contact us so that we can choose a lamb that will meet your size specifications.

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Pasture-raised Lamb (whole), deposit
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Our lambs are finished on high-quality, biodiverse pastures, and spend their lives with their mother and the flock until they reach butcher weight. A finished lamb will dress out to approximately 45-65lbs. Please contact us so that we can choose a lamb that meets your specifications for age and weight.

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Free-Range Eggs, 1 dozen
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Our chickens are allowed to free-range all over our farmyard, and have access to grass, insects, and other forage at all times. During the wintertime they still can go outside if they choose. We feed them a grain ration of peas, wheat, barley, and black oil sunflowers.

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