Mini-Side (Split quarter):

  • Mini-Sides are on special, $5.75/lb.  These are a split quarter, with cuts from front and hind, including soupbones.  Weights from 110 to 210 lb are available.
  • These have all the cuts (including soup bones for making delicious, collagen-rich bone broth, and trim for your dog) that come from an entire side (front and hind quarter), but will average 150 lbs.
  • Regular price is $6.15/lb, based on hanging weight.  Price includes processing.  Deposit is $150. 

Sixth of a Beef (New!!):

  • Bigger than a Pasture Pack, smaller than a Mini-Side.  
  • Average 90-120lb of beef cuts and soupbones.  Trim not included.
  • Price is $7.95/lb
  • Deposit is $100.