For those who have freezer space, we recommend buying in bulk.  You will be able to enjoy the full array of wonderful cuts of meat and their associated flavours and textures.  And it saves you money, and makes our life a little simpler as well.

***Every whole or side comes with ALL your soup bones, and scrap/trim.  You will be able to make tons of nutritious bone broth and soup stock.

For processing, we haul to a small licensed and inspected facility that is less than an hour from our farm.  They treat our animals as if they were certified organic.  We know that we can be sure to get our own animals back, including the ground beef. 

We are here to offer advice and recommendations about cutting and wrapping, and we take care of all the details around processing, butchering, and shipping.

Wholes and Halves:

  • We are now taking orders for wholes and halves, ready to go to processor of your choosing in mid-June, and monthly thereafter.
  • Price is $4.85/lb for a side; $4.65/lb for a whole, plus processing/cut/wrap costs (approximately $250 for a 270lb side); based on hanging weight (approximately 280-370 lb/side). 
  • Please specify whether you prefer a heavier or lighter side. 
  • Cut and wrapped to your specification.  We will call to discuss cutting instructions and relay them to the processor.  For those new to buying beef this way, we are happy to offer recommendations and guidance, as well as recipe ideas.
  • Includes soupbones for making bone broth, dog bones, trim, etc. 
  • Deposit is required, $300 per side, $500 per whole