How to Join Our Herdshare

This will be a bit of trial and error, but here's the plan!!

People who want to sign up for the Herdshare will need to send an email to and ask to join.  Please include your contact information including phone number and full address. Once you have been added to our Herdshare email list, you are eligible for special Herdshare pricing, as well as exclusive Add-Ons.

Please read the Herdshare Terms carefully, and let us know if there's something missing or unclear.

Herdshare Options:

*Further 5% discount for any combination of Beef/Lamb/Pork (Halves and Wholes).

Beef Processing:  $100/head slaughter fee, plus $0.85/lb cut/wrap/box/freeze.

Pork Processing:  $60/head slaughter fee, plus $0.85/lb cut/wrap/box/freeze.

Lamb Processing:  $80 for a whole, includes $40 for cut/wrap/box/freeze.  $40 for a half, includes $20 for cut/wrap/box/freeze.

Mobile phone users may have to turn your phone sideways to see the whole chart, below.

Herdshare Summary and Comparisons
  Package Type  Available Herdshare          price



  Half Pasture Pack      Yes $200              $215 7%
  Regular Pasture Pack Yes $360 $375 4%
  Deluxe Pasture Pack Yes, but limited $415 $425 2.4%
  Mixed Beef/Pork  (25lb or 40lb)


Limited till 2021

$215 (25lb)

$320 (40lb)

$230/$345 6.5%
  Sixth of a Beef Yes $7.50/lb $7.75/lb 3.22%

Mini-Side (Split Quarter)

Yes $5.90/lb $6.15/lb 4.1%

Half a Beef


$4.25/lb, plus processing.

Total price (approx.) $5.25/lb

$4.85/lb, plus processing 12.4%
  Whole Beef Pre-order

$3.75/lb, plus processing.

Total price (approx.) $4.75/lb

$4.65/lb, plus processing 15.1%
  Half a Lamb Pre-order $8.00/lb, plus $40 processing $8.50/lb, plus processing 5.9%
  Whole Lamb Pre-order  $7.50/lb, plus $80 processing $8.00/lb, plus processing 6.25%
  Pork (Half or  Whole) Limited till 2021 $4.75/lb, plus processing $4.95/lb, plus processing 6.1%