2023 Early Bird discount $0.15/lb for orders placed by mid-May.  Book your beef, lamb, pork, and chicken soon!   

Free-Range Broilers:  We are only raising one batch of pastured broiler chickens this year, and we need to know numbers by May 15th to confirm with the hatchery.  Deposit will be $15/bird.

There's been one enormous change for us, due to our main processor H&M Meats closing its doors.  We have obtained our On-Farm Slaughter licence, but are limited as to how many animals we can have processed at one time because the small local facility has much less available space in their cooler to hang the beef. 

We are really happy with how closely we are able to work with our new butchers, but much more co-ordination and planning is involved.  Overall, it may mean we are limited as to how many animals we can provide to our customers, so please book early to help us plan.                                        

Pork Processing Dates, 2023

We have a jolly group of pigs that are ready for freezer camp in June 2023.  They are available by the half, or whole, already cut and wrapped.  They spend the winter eating nice green hay, our custom pea-based grain ration, and fruit and vegetable scraps, and will be about 300 lb hanging weight.  To reserve a half (about 150 lb), or whole pig (about 300 lb), go here.